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Mona Clark

Executive Director

Mona Clark is the Executive Director at the South End Day Care Centre. She started working with children professionally in 1988. Mona left the childcare field in 1994 until 1998 when she moved to Toronto, ON. While in Toronto, she got married to husband, Frank and had her daughter, Trista. Mona also has a step-daughter, Kendra. Mona then returned to New Brunswick and started working with children again.

Mona completed her Early Childhood Education online from the Loyalist College in 2004. In May 2009, she received her certificate for completing the New Brunswick Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework. She continues to go for professional development every year in order to stay up to date on information about children in their early years.

Mona has been with the South End Day Care since 1998. She started out as a facilitator and took on the roll as the Executive Director in September 2005.


“I truly enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to the centre. My passion is to ensure that all the children are treated with respect and compassion regardless of abilities. The children and staff inspire me to continually learn and grow as an individual and a professional each and every day.”


Christina Garland

Lead Educator

Christina started working at the South End Day Care in 2006, after graduating from high school. In May 2009, Christina received her certificate for completing the New Brunswick Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework. In 2010, Christina left the daycare to go back to school. She graduated in 2011 receiving her certification in Early Childhood Education/ Teacher Assistant. She then returned to the daycare in May 2011.

Christina’s favourite part about working in the day care is all the love and affection she receives from the children. She also enjoys watching the kids learn, grow and experience new things. Christina’s coworkers would describe her as funny and outgoing.

Christina’s pet peeves are being unorganized and people who do not pay attention while driving. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, shopping, and drawing.

“My passion had always been working with children. I enjoy being an Early Childhood Educator because I get the privilege to experience the children learn and grow.”


Melanie Johnston

Early Childhood Educator

Melanie has been working at the South End Day Care since September 2021. She has worked in the daycare field for about 15 years. She graduated from NBCC in 2007, receiving her Certificate in Early Childhood Education. 

She is a mom of 2 adult children, Joelle and Hudson and she has a cat named Valerie. She enjoys music, going to the cottage and is a huge Red Sox fan.  

Melanie's co-workers would describe Melanie as a dependable, easy going person and she has a great sense of humour.  

“Working with children keeps me young at heart"


Sara Bustard

Early Childhood Educator

Sara joined our daycare team in December 2020. Sara is a mom of one child, a beautiful daughter named Willow.

Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking and baking. A couple of her pet peeves are raw onions in food and finding egg shells in food. 

Sara loves coming to daycare and seeing the different personalities and quirks of each child.  

Her co-workers would describe Sara as friendly, dependable, and happy person.

"I enjoy coming to work because the children make my heart smile." 


Crystal Gill

Early Childhood Educator

Crystal started working at the South End Day Care in July 2018 as an Early Childhood Educator. She received her ECE certificate in June 2009 from the New Brunswick Community College.

Crystal enjoys spending time with her children, Skyla and Alyks. She also enjoys camping, hiking, and reading.

Crystal's co-workers would describe her as easy going, patient and comical. 

"I enjoy coming to work everyday to help the children learn and grow."


Tiffany Dobson

Early Childhood Educator

Tiffany started her employment with the South End Day Care in September 2021. She graduated from UNB in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Tiffany received her certificate for completing the Introduction to Early Learning and Childcare in 2016. 

Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking and being with her beautiful daughter McKenzie. 

Tiffany's co-workers would describe Tiffany as dependable, caring, and bubbly.

"I love coming to work because we have a great learning environment for the children and a positive work environment for the educators."


Meagan McIvor

Early Childhood Educator

Meagan joined our team in August 2021.

Meagan graduated from the NBCC in June 2021 where she received her Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

She is a mom of one, a beautiful daughter named Alice. 

Meagan enjoys hiking, concerts and spending time with her family and friends, especially Alice. Her coworkers would say that she is soft spoken and kind to the children. Meagan's pet peeve is the noise of someone eating with their mouth open.

"I enjoy coming to work because I love being with the children and watching the grow."


Tracy Gould

Early Childhood Educator

Tracy joined our group in September 2021.Tracy received her Intro to Early Childhood Certificate from The Alberta Vocational College.

Tracy is the mom of 2 children, Jacob and Josephine. She enjoys watching movies, camping and collecting sea glass. She also enjoys her time with her family and friends. 

Tracy's co-workers would say that she is very kind and gentle with the children and easy to get along with. Tracy's pet peeve is the sound of nails down the chalkboard. 

"I love coming to work because I love seeing the children when they are happily playing and I love working with my co-workers."

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